Monday, July 19, 2004


Today the team had an important meeting. All the members including a guest from Melbourne, Mr Bob attend the meeting which starts at 11am. Since I'm one of the participant (I'll tell you about how did I get involve in this company later), so I just sit down and observe the entire meeting. I did took a few shot of pictures from my digital camera, I'll upload and publish them later when I got the time to reconfigure this webpage. I am planning to create a forum for this blog, I'll get it done as soon as possible before the actual seminar begins.
Just for the record, the Total Wealth draft workbook is in my hand. I guess that piece of work is valued at a high price plus I've been in charge of typing the information and stack it all up. Its a privelege to work with something which could possibly be in demand in time to come. We will never know something good will happen to you somewhere in the future.


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