Wednesday, July 21, 2004


This week is the last week of The Total Wealth 2 hours Free Seminar. Only a week left and a lot of work are to be done in just a short couple of days. I am in charge of typing out and design the layout of The Total Wealth Makeover Workbook. There's a lot more thing to be added and to be edited.

Today, there's still a seminar at The Eastin Hotel. There were a lot of people came, unfortunately a huge crowd came to Eastin Hotel because the hotel just doing it's Grand Opening of a pub called Rush. The place is just next to the seminar room except that the entrance is outdoor of the hotel. The sound of loud music intruded our seminar room eventhough there are sound proof insulation on the wall. The loud beat from the pub penetrated through the ceiling. Fortunately it didn't distracted the participant though it was quite annoying.


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