Monday, July 26, 2004

Delivery At Your Doorstep

Here's some pictures for you. This is a few places I've been today.The left is KL Branch of AAM at Jalan Semarak.The other is at Taman Perusahaan Ehsan Jaya. Located at Kepong on top of a hill. You can overview the KL city at one spot there.

I am a despatch guy today, delivering special invitation to VIP to come to our programme. Meaning that, they can come for free as a complimentary on behalf of Max-ceptional. Going to offices around KL was interesting, I sometimes wish I was one of them working at the office but on second thought, I think I'll pass. There's no freedom to it. You're virtually locked inside your office with no where to go except if you have an outstation work.

I made a mistake on my e-mail I sent to a list of people. The date I wrote was wrong. I wasn't aware of the mistake I made until someone mentioned it to me. Eventhough I was scolded by my boss because of that, I want to thank the person who noticed my mistake. We all do mistake plenty of time haven't we?


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