Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Designing Graphics

From a despatch guy, today I am graphic designer. My job today is to design the totalwealth name tag for the crew and also the participant. For your information, I am both, a participant and a crew. I paid with some cash and also my time and energy to settle the payment to attend this programme. Here's some of my work today and also some from the past 2 weeks I've been working on.

I know my design is not that professional, I did a crash course in graphic design a week before I started doing the workbook. That was I think last month. The software I'm using was supposed to use in designing websites. Well, as long as the job is done and with quality. It doesn't matter what you use, right?

A briefing was done today at Eastin Hotel. The brief meeting were done by Mr. Bob Skoff from Brisbane, Australia. He is a friend of Marco. Since there weren't a proper room to make the presentation for the staff involved, the presentation were postponed to tomorrow, Wednesday. The meeting tomorrow would be more intense since there's little time left for proper training. So all the volunteers and staff were asked to be more alert and pro-active.


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