Saturday, October 09, 2004

Second Momentum Meeting

The 2nd Totalwealth Momentum Meeting will be held at Eastin Hotel in just a couple of hours.

Eastin Hotel is where the inaugural Totalwealth Makeover was being held last 30th July until 1st of August. The topic for this momentum meeting is as describe in the invitation letter posted or e-mailed to all the participant.

The Totalwealh Forum Board has been finalized and ready to be used by all the participant and TW university members. We also established the Yahoogroup as an added feature for those of you who loves to read e-mails. To subscribe to the Totalwealth Yahoogroup, drop an e-mail . There are still a few areas which is still under development and the IT team for Max-Ceptional is working hard to finish the job and are now seeking for quality content. If any of you who wish to contribute, please do so by dropping me an e-mail. Your cooperation is highly regarded.


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