Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Designing Graphics

From a despatch guy, today I am graphic designer. My job today is to design the totalwealth name tag for the crew and also the participant. For your information, I am both, a participant and a crew. I paid with some cash and also my time and energy to settle the payment to attend this programme. Here's some of my work today and also some from the past 2 weeks I've been working on.

I know my design is not that professional, I did a crash course in graphic design a week before I started doing the workbook. That was I think last month. The software I'm using was supposed to use in designing websites. Well, as long as the job is done and with quality. It doesn't matter what you use, right?

A briefing was done today at Eastin Hotel. The brief meeting were done by Mr. Bob Skoff from Brisbane, Australia. He is a friend of Marco. Since there weren't a proper room to make the presentation for the staff involved, the presentation were postponed to tomorrow, Wednesday. The meeting tomorrow would be more intense since there's little time left for proper training. So all the volunteers and staff were asked to be more alert and pro-active.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Delivery At Your Doorstep

Here's some pictures for you. This is a few places I've been today.The left is KL Branch of AAM at Jalan Semarak.The other is at Taman Perusahaan Ehsan Jaya. Located at Kepong on top of a hill. You can overview the KL city at one spot there.

I am a despatch guy today, delivering special invitation to VIP to come to our programme. Meaning that, they can come for free as a complimentary on behalf of Max-ceptional. Going to offices around KL was interesting, I sometimes wish I was one of them working at the office but on second thought, I think I'll pass. There's no freedom to it. You're virtually locked inside your office with no where to go except if you have an outstation work.

I made a mistake on my e-mail I sent to a list of people. The date I wrote was wrong. I wasn't aware of the mistake I made until someone mentioned it to me. Eventhough I was scolded by my boss because of that, I want to thank the person who noticed my mistake. We all do mistake plenty of time haven't we?

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Nice Sunday

Today is a day off for me, that's why I'm trying to learn as much as possible about web design in the mean time, catch up on the things on TV. The forum board I've created manage to get 2 registered person, that was a surprise for me. I didn't expected to receive such an instantaneous respond. Thanks guys for registering.
I'm also working on a few more pages for the workbook. It is supposed to be ready for the printing anytime soon. Have a nice day...

Saturday, July 24, 2004


Today is the last day the 2 hours seminar is held. Since Marco was occupied on something else, our guest speaker Mr. Freddie took over. We just finished completing the sent out invitation letter containing the complimentary ticket to corporate key holders. On Monday, the letters would be delivered 'by-hand'.

The new logo for Total Wealth had been chosen. I took a good look of it and spotted a spelling mistake on the logo itself. The mistake was the word 'wealth' was spelled 'weatlh'. I was surprise to see such mistake was done since on the same page was written another 'wealth' word. The mistake was being addressed and further action has been done. By the way, the logo is quite simple.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Busy Day

All the personnel in the office are very busy doing their part of the job. I'm working on quite a number of paperworks while the others have their own part. Unfortunately, I don't really have the time to build a page dedicated for them here.

I'm trying to ask permission to have some space on the official www.totalwealth.com.my to host a forum site. At the moment, I've created a forum site at http://totalwealth.proboards24.com . It's a free message board hosted somewhere else. So, just hang around and visit this page or the forum page more often. I'll try my best to get the forum to get shifted to the totalwealth official website for easier convienience. In the mean time, I'll put some stuff inside there while juggling my workload at the office. It's exciting what I am doing right now. It's simply an amazing feeling.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

It's getting exciting

A few clients of Total Wealth came to the office. They had a chat with the General Manager of Max-Ceptional Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Mano. Also, they were a few calls for room bookings for the hotel. A seminar is also done at Eastin Hotel and this Saturday would be the last 2 hour Seminar of Total Wealth for this season. The next big event, if I'm not mistaken will be March next year. The dates are not confirm yet. It is also said that we are going to do seminars in Singapore starting next month. It'll be an experience for all of us, the staff of Max-Ceptional.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


This week is the last week of The Total Wealth 2 hours Free Seminar. Only a week left and a lot of work are to be done in just a short couple of days. I am in charge of typing out and design the layout of The Total Wealth Makeover Workbook. There's a lot more thing to be added and to be edited.

Today, there's still a seminar at The Eastin Hotel. There were a lot of people came, unfortunately a huge crowd came to Eastin Hotel because the hotel just doing it's Grand Opening of a pub called Rush. The place is just next to the seminar room except that the entrance is outdoor of the hotel. The sound of loud music intruded our seminar room eventhough there are sound proof insulation on the wall. The loud beat from the pub penetrated through the ceiling. Fortunately it didn't distracted the participant though it was quite annoying.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Day job

As part of the Total Wealth Seminar and also one of the participant. To tell the truth, I'm not pretty sure of what my position in the company. However, I do work closely with the core group of Total Wealth Team. Today, I managed to finish off the remaining pages of the Total Wealth workbook which is going to be used on the seminar day. It's quite a privilege for me to be the one who's participating at the same time, had a sneak preview of what the seminar is all about.

By the way, just to give my readers some latest information. The workbook on Total Wealth will be about 120 ++ pages. It is divided into 3 parts according to the day itself. At the moment, I did almost all the diagram int he workbook. I'm actually not really good in drawing but I try my best to draw with Computer Aided Design. It should be look nice. ;-)

Monday, July 19, 2004


Today the team had an important meeting. All the members including a guest from Melbourne, Mr Bob attend the meeting which starts at 11am. Since I'm one of the participant (I'll tell you about how did I get involve in this company later), so I just sit down and observe the entire meeting. I did took a few shot of pictures from my digital camera, I'll upload and publish them later when I got the time to reconfigure this webpage. I am planning to create a forum for this blog, I'll get it done as soon as possible before the actual seminar begins.
Just for the record, the Total Wealth draft workbook is in my hand. I guess that piece of work is valued at a high price plus I've been in charge of typing the information and stack it all up. Its a privelege to work with something which could possibly be in demand in time to come. We will never know something good will happen to you somewhere in the future.

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